Monday, August 31, 2009

My first dollhouse

I'm making it from scratch, because I want to make it in traditional russian style. I love Russian architecture, village houses, well it's better show it:
I have a huge collection of such wonderful houses. So I decided to build a tradesman's house. His little shop on the first floor, and couple of rooms on the second. It should be 17th century or 18th. Haven't decided yet:) It's easy to move from century to another - traditions in building wooden houses have remained nearly the same.

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Sans said...

My goodness, these are gorgeous. I am also trying to build Indian merchant houses called haveli. You are making me fall in love with Rissian architecture. I already am a fan of the domes and colours of St Petersburg but these folk houses are charming me to bits! Thank you for posting these. They are rare pictures for me.