Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Balcony.

After playing with mini-lathe, I decided to make a balcony for the second floor:
Oh, and I made some sort of siding  for it too. Later I'll decorate and paint it to make a worn look. Sooo much work to do.
Well, back to good things. I took plywood, several minutes with scroll saw, and my dollhouse will have these... corbels, right.  I've found this design in Russian carving-something album, something tells me it's not the last time I'm using it.
It's far from perfect, I painted it with acrylic, and sandpapered  - it looks a bit worn now. I think it should be more realistic.
Now I have to do only balcony railings and the door, and it'll be done.


Josje said...

Very nice! I can picture the whole house decorated with beautiful scroll work.

Victoria said...

You're right! It will have a lot of it.:) Lot of work, but it's worth it in the end.

Sans said...

Love the brackets for the cornices or balcony. Did you really do it in several minutes? wow!

Victoria said...

@Sans: with scrollsaw it's realyy easy and takes several minutes!:) That's why I love it;)