Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bricks, again.

It was worth trying. Yesterday I've made the second form.This time  I made it from transparent compound.

It was fun, but the smell of compound was horrible... I had a headache at the end of a day. But that's ok - I just loved the bricks I've made!

I mixed acrylic paint with the plaster of Paris. And you can still see white particles on the bricks. So it looks exactly like old bricks I've seen. I'm not sure if it looks like "tzarsky" bricks (such bricks were much bigger than are used now, generally you can see them on the houses built before October Revolution, 1917).
Also I tried to use watercolor, just for fun. And white spots were gone.

You can see the difference - watercolor on the left, and acrylic on the right. By the way, it takes about 10 or so hours to dry.
Это того стоило! Вчера я попробовала сделать форму из прозрачного герметика. Получилось! Единственный минус - ужасный запах. Обязательно проветривайте комнату, в которой работаете. К вечеру от запаха у меня заболела голова, но ничего - главное, кирпичи получились! 
Я смешала гипс с акриловой краской. Выглядят они потрясающе, совсем как настоящие! Я не уверена, что они похожи на "царские" кирпичи, они были чуть больше современных. 
Для второй партии я попробовала акварель. Правда, выглядят готовые кирпичики немного иначе. Белые частицы полностью закрасились, с акрилом такого не было. Кстати, сохнут кирпичи примерно 10 часов, по крайней мере, за ночь точно высыхают.


Evelien said...

What a cool way to make bricks! I'm making them from eggboxcarton, but what a work!! I think this looks more real too.

I'm a follower!

groetjes Evelien

Victoria said...

I agree - and it's fast and easy!
Thank you for following my blog, Evelien!:)

Sans said...

These bricks look really good although it obviously is a lot more work than how most people do it. But I agree, yours do look more realistic. The old houses in my country too have bigger bricks and when they aged, they are "holey" and have chipped edges. That's how yours look.

Victoria said...

@Sans: Oh, we have almost the same!:) A bit holey, they were bigger. Now everything's changed.