Friday, October 2, 2009

Comments link

Yesterday I got the email from Paky through my Mum, that it wasn't possible to leave a comment in my blog. I changed the settings to "pop-up window" as you asked, Paky. As I can see you can leave a comment by clicking on the title of the post or on the number of comments left  - in my case it worked.
But if you still have a problem leaving a comment, please let me know - I left my email in the profile.


Eva said...

Yes, it was impossible to leave you a message!! I could not find out your e-mail adress.
But It works!!!! :)
Your minis are amazing, with all these details. And the huge amount of bricks!! Wonderful
Mini Hugs from barcelona (Spain)

Victoria said...

Hi Eva,
I'm so glad it' works now! I was ready to change the template today to make it easier:)
Thank you for you kind words!

Debby said...

Aha, as I am no wizzkid it took some time to figure out what tile you meant. But I found it, and now I can say to you: Love your work, with an eye for detail!