Friday, October 9, 2009

My pic of the week. Minis and the computer.

As I build my very first house, I got through a LOT of great blogs and websites, so I decided to post some pictures that impressed and inspired me.
Here's the pic from Russian modding forum. I'd love to have something like this inside my computer! (More about Modding - here)

 You can check more pictures on the forum - here .


Josje said...

Oh this is great! I love the combination of of full scale things and miniatures. In this case I also love the contrast of the cold and technical background and the warm, comfy and homely scale scene. Thanks for these inspiring pictures!

cockerina said...

WOW!! but it is a wonderful idea! very good!

Sans said...

OMG, I have always wanted to mod my comp and this is such a fab idea! Thank you for sharing Victoria!

Victoria said...

@Sans: You're always welcome!:)