Saturday, October 10, 2009

My review of the week. V International Doll Salon in Moscow

      I've been waiting for this for couple months. Mostly because it was said that one of the sections was supposed to be about miniatures and doll's houses.  I was curious, you see, miniature 1/12  is not well known in Russia, yet, so it's not popular kind of passion hobby now.
      You'll see fashion-dolls, like Barbie, that I don't like, but almost never dolls made in one-inch scale.  You can buy some of the doll's houses on the Internet,  even some in Moscow, but they are too expensive because of the transportation costs. So it's much easier and cheaper to buy from English or American shops.
      Well, enough of the bad things.
      The good things - some amazing dolls.
Some absolutely beautiful:


Some funny:
Some weird very interesting:

Dolls in russian costumes were fab:

The rest is in my album in Picasa - here
         It's all great, but where are the mini things, you'd ask. There were only two vendors! Really? Two freaking vendors! Feels very lonely!:) I look at those amazing pics from Spanish or American, English miniature shows, and I'm so envious! We have nothing here! So, the vendors:
         Number one - ridiculously expensive doll's houses from Spain - decorated house for 4 000 $.  All furniture in it was from cheap kits, that looked, oh, well, cheap. You also could buy those cheap kits  - prices - 50$ for one set of kitchen supplies, and 150$ for one room kit, which I find okay, but the quality, don't ask. I decided not buy anything and check their site later, funny but I found some of the kits there, and they were cheaper. So I was happy not to buy anything offline.
        Number two - some furniture that we were not allowed to touch and even take photos! Wow, that was surprise. There was also some doll's house, made from scratch, absolutely awful, yes, I have to be honest, awful. Price of it - 1000$. Did I say I bought nothing?
       Thoughts? Terrible, feels like the only ... one in the village.


Eva said...

Yes, there are some amzing dolls, beuatiful!!
The good thing is that we have internet, isn't it? to buy whatever we want :)

Victoria said...

You're so right, Eva! I don't know what I would do without Internet, I guess, I wouldn't have this hobby and so many great friends online!

Deni said...

Thank you for posting those beautiful dolls!

dales_dreams said...

The dolls are gorgeous!

(feels a little spoiled for living in the USA)


Victoria said...

Oh I hope that one day I'll be spoiled too;)