Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome to new followers!

I have some new followers I'd like to welcome! Besides, all of them are special for me in some way.
First of all, it's Beatrice from, I'm a fan of her photos on Picasa, and I'm more than happy to see her on Blogger. She makes fantastic, stunning miniatures! Please-please-please, go and visit her blog! You'll love it!
Then, it's Diane from I love the paintings, as I love draw myself too, and the artwork is great. You can also visit her Etsy shop.
Kim from Before starting this blog I was reading Lots of mini blogs in Google Reader, and Kim's blog was on of the first  subscriptions. And it still one of my favourite.I'm happy she's following me now.
Then Karin from, also the blog I've been reading for several months now. I was truly amazed by the things she makes, her skills and her talent. My hubby was also inspired by her work (it doesn't happen often:)). In her blog you can find many useful tips and tricks - her posts inspired me a lot, after reading some of them I bought mini lathe and scroll saw and as many tools as I could:), so that I could at least try to gain at least half of the skills that Karin has. She's a real pro, what can I say.Thank you for following my blog!:)
Debbie from  No comments - I think everyone knows her blog, her fantastic work, and I'm happy she's back and doing well!
Also I'd like to welcome Carolyn from Go and visit her site with beautiful artwork.


Karin Corbin said...

Thank you for the nice welcome and the compliments. I am so glad you decided to buy a few tools. I am sure you can easily gain the skills I have. I am only a beginner in many areas and other things I have never even tried such as sculpting dolls or making miniature food or flowers or throwing tiny clay pots on a wheel.

That is what I love about making miniatures, I can keep on learning and learning and learning and never run out of challenges.

Victoria said...

You're absolutely right! While making miniatures I've tried so many things, that I've never thought of earlier, and maybe I was even scared to try. And now I'm building the house and feel great about it. It's a great impulse for self-development ( though I don't really this word). Constant challenge, yes.

Debbie said...

Thank you for your lovely welcome. x