Friday, October 2, 2009

Working on the balusters

Sorry for not posting anything new lately, I'm quite busy with my graduation work, though it's second, it's still lot of things to do.
We've finished the parquetry, I'm not going to use it in my doll's house, it's just for fun. Now it's sandpapered and covered with beeswax.
I also finished making the balusters for the balcony, well I need to make two, that will be a bit  bigger, so the whole picture would be something like this:

As you can see, the first and the last balusters are bigger, which makes the whole composition very nice.
For now, nine balusters are ready.
I really enjoy working on mini lathe, it takes time to learn but the result is worth it, besides I like the process too:)


DollMum said...

Your mini lathe work is very good. I've never tried using a lathe, though have used most other woodworking tools.

Victoria said...

You should try it sometime. I never thought it would be so interesting, and it's getting easier every day.

PAKY said...

Finally you have arranged to leave commentaries you!! I wanted to be grateful to you that you follow my blog, I also will follow yours, because you have very nice things ... kisses from Spain

cockerina said...

Victoria, I read your blog .. and I saw the pictures of the house you would like to build ... but this is a great job! much precision, and patience!
many compliments for the good will, we hope to finish soon your house, I'll occasionally go to watch as the work ..
soon, Caterina,Italy

Victoria said...

Thank you, Paky! I love your blog too!:)

Victoria said...

Thanks a lot Caterina, I'm reading your blog, such great things you make, I really love everything, I'm absolutely crazy about the embroidery, so beautiful!