Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitchen stool

The final semester is over, and I'm free till April! This means that I can get back to my dollshouse:) That's a huge relief for me - last month was absolutely crazy ( I guess, this was my favorite word this year), I had no time at all. I hope that I'll be posting lots of updates now.
This week started with the idea of making some furniture - I had a  kitchen table made several months ago and its style doesn't allow me to use it in the dollshouse, so why not making a roombox?  I guess I'll make it a kitchen. So I thought it would be nice to make couple of kitchen stools first.
Legs are almost done:

I'm using pinewood and actually not happy with the one I bought. It turned out to be too fragile - wrong shop, next time I won't make this mistake. This week I'm planning to buy mahogany and basswood. See you soon!


Evelien said...

That's a relief! Enjoy your free time and the legs for the stools look great!

groetjes Evelien

Sans said...

I am so happy to see you back on blogland. I was just wondering about your rather long absence :). The legs are already so beautiful, I am sure the stools will be outstanding!

A good friend of mine was just telling me how someone has commissioned him to build a simple Sylvanian family house with basswood and how expensive the material is. It seems to be the material of choice for building houses. I think it takes someone very good with wood work to use mahogany and basswood for mini furniture? :)

Victoria said...

@Evelien: Thank you!:) I'm so happy to get back to my favorite minis!

Victoria said...

@Sans: Thank you, Sans! I'm away only for important reasons;) I always read, that basswood is perfect for beginners, it's not hard wood, so it's very easy to cut, carve etc. So it's a good choice for me, besides it's not so expensive in Russia - though it's hard to compare. About mahogany - I just like it:) Shouldn't be hard for simple projects like making bed or lounge. I hope I'll be fine with it))

DollMum said...

I'm so pleased you can spend some quality time on your dollshouse (and your new kitten) - it looks like despite all the studying you have managed to squeeze a bit of progress to the interior.

If basswood is too expensive (desirable for miniatures because of the close grain) then try fruit wood, such as apple or lime.

Victoria said...

@DollMum: Oh, I've never tried apple. It's very interesting, I should check if it's available, I read that pear is also great for minis. Thank you very much for the advice!