Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine award. Thank you, Ewa!

Today I’ve received this wonderful award from Ewa ( ). Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me, and I’m happy to pass it to the 6 bloggers, it’s almost impossible to choose, I get inspired by so many amazing bloggers, but I have to pick, so I’m passing the award to:
Sans ( You’re  always such an inspiration to me, I’m amazed by your creativity and hard work. 
Carmen at ( I’ve been reading Carmen’s blog for a while, she has such a great blog, and it’s more than interesting for me to check her new posts ( btw, I started learning Spanish just to be able to read about minis without translator, haha:)) I’m very happy to pass this award to you, Carmen!:)
George at I admire his great how-to posts, I always wait for his new articles - they are extremely useful and inspirational for me. Every post brings something new. Thank you, George!
Florine ( Amazing blog about vintage dollhouses, purely new things for me. We don’t have such great traditions, such history, our toys were simple, it was hard to buy them, it was impossible to buy a dollhouse:) ( they all were handmade). So it’s such a great possibility for me to get a sneak peak at somebody’s childhood memories and stories. I’m very greatful to Florine for this blog.
Helene ( . Unbelievable blog. I just love watching all the pictures, stories and looks are impeccable. Shame on me - I don’t leave comments often, but I love your blog, Helene. This award is for you!
Aand SYNNØVE ( For several months I’ve been reading it - I wish I had just one little part of her great talent in miniature decor. She’s discovering some absolutely amazing blogs. I’m still under impression by the laundry room and bedroom, such a great taste!


Pubdoll said...

Thank you so much for the award and the very kind words Victoria!
I love your blog too, and also visit it much more often than my comments would indicate :-)

Carmen O. said...

Thank you very much Victoria!. I'm learning English and I think that in the future I'll be able to translate my blog! :-)

Victoria said...

@Carmen O. : I'm in love with Spanish, it's such a beautiful language! So many great books and magazines about miniatures are written in Spanish. And I think these are the best and the most interesting ones.

George the Miniguy said...

Thank you for your nomination, Victoria! The delightful part of doing a blog is that I can write about whatever captures my attention at the moment, and I can write whenever I want. I'm so glad you've found my previous blogs helpful. One of these days I'll likely run out of ideas, but for now, I'm having a blast! Thanks for following me.

Florine said...

Thank you, Victoria, for including me in this group of greatly talented bloggers!
I'm thrilled that you like my vintage dollhouses..because I wish that I too could make the beautiful little miniatures that you create. :)

Sans said...

You are too generous with your compliments where I am concerned, Victoria. I am constantly awed by you and your ability to work with tools. I love tools but do not know how to use half of what I I will continue to learn from you. Thank you for the award :)