Monday, March 1, 2010

How to make a jig for parquetry - part 2.

In the last part we're using the bigger blade - so it would be easier to cut the whole stack of strips. The pictures will explain it better:
We put our jig again, and move our wood strips to the length we need, I need about 3cm long. We take several strips and fix them together using masking tape.
This will allow you to cut several strips at once. Aand we begin to cut:

You can see, that we made several stacks already:

Here it is. It turned out to be very fast way to cut  parquetry tiles. So I don't think about the parquetry as a tedious process anymore. It can be fun, actually!

The end. :)


Evelien said...

I've looked at the photo's a couple of times and I still have a question:

Do you move the base to cut the wood or only the pieces that you want to saw? (hope you understand ;) )

And how do you attach the base to the machine??

Thanks so much in advance

groetjes Evelien

Victoria said... - on the picture here you can see how it is attached - you should glue two strips that will match the slots for miter gauge (, so instead of moving miter gauge and fence you'll move the base.
I move the base to cut the pieces, but it will also will cut the wood on the base - that's okay, as it's higher than the height of the blade, when you build your own base - be sure that it will be higher. In my case - the maximum height of the blade is 2,5cm, so I made the base 4cm high.
Hm, hope you understood my explanations :) If you have any questions- go ahead:)

Evelien said...

Thank you! That answers my question. With the 4 cm of the base you mean the sides? Because in the photo i see the sawblade sticking out above the board.

Victoria said...

Yes, it's the side, I'd call it the fence, it should be higher,so that you wouldn't harm yourself during cutting, besides it serves you as the miter gauge ( 90 degrees angle) and as a fence - you hold your wood to it and cut it. The blade is sticking out only on the base itself - but obviously it needs to stick out - otherwise, you can't cut the wood:)

Evelien said...

Lol, now I get it! (had to laugh real hard at the last comment. It was a silly question I see now...;) )

Thank you so much. I'm going to make a base real soon, maybe it will help me with my fear for the tool (it kickes back a lot even though I put in a new blade and such)

Have a nice day!

groetjes Evelien

Victoria said...

Hehe:) I wish you all the best with your table saw, it will be easy to overcome the fear - when you practice, practice a lot!:) About kicking back - George wrote just great article about safe cutting - check it out! This should help. And try youtube too, I saw some cool howto videos there too!

Evelien said...

I guess the problem is the saw doesn't have various speed. I asked George before and he did that article after helping me very much. So your tip is great, I already did that!

But maybe with the base the wood will have better grip and has little space to go wobbling.

thanks again

Victoria said...

@Evelien: Maybe, yeah, I hope you'll fix your problem.