Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mirror frame

Denis hasn't finished the chair yet, so I'll post some updates about the roombox. I've finished carving and painting  a mirror frame. One part:

And the whole thing together, unfortunately I haven't found the right mirror yet, so I had to use plastic, which doesn't look great. But I'm too impatient sometimes:)

Again I used basswood, definetely I need couple years of practice with wood carving, at least. But I'm happy and eager to learn.


The Old Maid said...

I like the frame very very much! Sometimes I just can't believe these are your first atempts all the miniatures you make are so cool!:)

Wanda said...

Love the mirror. I wouldn't even attempt to carve something so elaborate. You have fabulous skills!

Margaret said...

The frame is fabulous, you are very talented!

Josje said...

Great job on carving the frame! I wouldn't have put a round mirror in it, because I think it detracts from the carving, but I do understand it has to work with the style of the room ;)