Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My review of the week. Art Nouveau - links.

A bit of pictures to draw your attention:)

Okay, as I started this talk about art nouveau, I'll post some links about this beautiful style.
Besides, Casey asked me to post some links too.:)

Some basic information - here in my favourite Wikipedia.

Architecture - first of all, Gaudi, check this great site, you can spend hours there
Then fantastic works of Hector Guimard
Victor Horta (,

Sculpture -
Camille Claudel (
Rodin, of course (

Glass works (mind-blowing works)

Émile Gallé, he was also making furniture ( ,
Also link from Russian site with furniture from different French cabinetmakers -
Louis Comfort Tiffany (,


Some basic links -,
Perfect reference from Victoria&Albert Museum  -
General reference -

As for the pictures I posted before - it's Russian movement , you can find some at russian site (click on the left menu, there are lots of items.)

Russian modern was popular, it was trying to combine art nouveau with traditional Russian style. So you could see characters from Russian tales in woodcarving, paintings, etc. The artists of that time were creating amazing houses, furniture, interiors in this style. But I think I need some time to find best examples of Russian modern, I'll post it later on. 

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Eva said...

DO you like Gaudí? His work is stunning. I love it, not only because I have lived in barcelona more than 30 years, it is because is great.
Have a look also to this house: Palau de la Música, just wonderful

Caseymini said...

Thank you so much for posting the
Russian sites. They are some that I haven't seen before.

Victoria said...

Eva, thank you so much for the link! It's absolutely fantastic! I love Gaudi's art, I have 2 or 2 albums with his works - I can watch them for hours! He was a genius.

Victoria said...

You're always welcome, Casey! I'll post some Russian links about Russian modern later, maybe next week when I gather more good resources.

Debora said...

Thanks! For grouping this selection of art(nouveau)links.

Pubdoll said...
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Pubdoll said...

Sorry, I deleted the previous comment because of a typing error.
I just found your blog and thank you so much for the links! I
love art nouveau, and one of my favourites from the period is van de Velde and especially his silver candelabra. I'm originally from Trondheim, Norway, where they have some of his work here:

Earlier this autumn I was so fortunate to find a period art nouveau mirror in dolls' size, which I have posted here:

Victoria said...

Thank you for the great links, Helene!

Anonymous said...
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tom pouce said...

La maison Coillat by a friend of mine. It's in construction...

Victoria said...

@tom pouce: Thanks for the great link!

Dominique said...

I just came across your blog.Thank you for posting those links. Art Nouveau in dollhouse is very rare, it's the first blog I see speeking about. You make a wonderfull work on furniture. I'm working on a Art Nouveau dollhouse for almost two years now, and it's far from finished.You can see some photos of the building on, but it's in french!