Thursday, November 12, 2009

The problem with roof - photos.

Yesterday I posted about it, and Karin offered her help, so I'm posting the photos. Here it is, on the slope of the roof there should be decoration, about 1'' wide (i used here  paper pattern):
So when I try to open the facade, the decoration is blocking it:
Because the slope is too close:
So my solution would be, one part to the right is glued and not moving, another that is blocking should be on the hinges, something like this:

 I think it would be easy to use some sort of fabric hinges, besides I'm afraid that I won't find hinges small enough. At the moment I can't think of another way to solve the problem.

Продолжение "драмы" с крышей, теперь с картинками!


cockerina said...

maybe you should have done the roof with a thicker, say the same thickness of the decoration, so that it hangs below, but remains higher than the front that opens ..
my house is so ....
I look forward to future developments, best wishes!

Victoria said...

@cockerina: yeah, the thing is I used 4mm plywood for the roof, while 6mm for the rest. I should have listened to my hubby when he told me I should have used 6mm too. It would be easier now to fix my problem with decoration. Thank you, Caterina, that's would be a solution.

Karin Corbin said...

Indeed you have worked yourself into a difficult spot.

Here is my solution. First create another trim strip that will glue all along the edge of the roof. Layered trim was very common on this type of house. It will also provide a backing for the delicate trim so that it last many years longer. In the difficult area make that one small section removable. It can fit into the roof on little pins or hide a tiny magnet piece.

To hide the joint you make an overlapping beveled cut with your miter box. A 45 degree angle on the removable section ends so it overlaps the non removable section.

It is not the best situation but at least you can do something to work it all out.

On the next dollhouse do not put on a ticker roof. Instead plan for an extra wall section to remain in place against the roof. That part can have a decorative band of trim on it. The wall section swings open just at the bottom of that band, this will help hide the joint line. The band needs to be tall enough so the wall clears the roof trims.

Of course if the roof on your current house can be carefully removed you could add this band to solve the problem on this project.

Karin Corbin said...

There is yet another solution to the problem but it involves more work.

At the corner of the wall of the dollhouse move the hinged opening over closer to the window. The corner of the wall stays fixed. Move it close enough to the window so the wall clears the trim. You can put vertical trim down the corners of the house if that area is now fixed in position. That would look good and would be a very typical detail.

Victoria said...

Thank you, Karin, for the advice! Unfortunately, it's too late to remove the roof (unless I get mad at it this weekend and take it all apart). I'll try all ways of fixing it (I like the idea with magnet - hm, it's really good trick), something should work for sure. Thank you again!

tom pouce said...

why don't you use something like this?

this is hinge sheets meant for radio control model planes so it's resistant! And why not use it all along your roof so you just have to lift your decoration to open your front?? Let me know!

Victoria said...

@tom pouce: Hm, it would worth trying, just not sure how it would behave with wood, wouldn't it be too heavy for these hinge sheets? Anyway, I've found them in our local RC shop, I need to have a look at these sheets. Thank you for the tip!

jose said...

you have had left really very well I am wishing vver the finished small house

Sans said...

If I am not wrong, Victoria, it is only a small part of the roof that will block the open door? Your hinge idea may work and knowing your skills, you will be able to make sure the trims look seamless. One thing though, is this house a "new" one or an "old" house. Because old houses are not perfect. There may be some "broken" bits or moss covered part of the roof that you can work in ? Just an idea. But I always think "mistakes" are great opportunities to get creative and little quirks add character to the house?

Victoria said...

@Sans: I thought about "new" and "old" and I'm more inclined to "new" :) This week I've found the way how I can fix my problem, but for now I can't choose the best pattern for the roof:) So, I'm browsing through the albums, maybe I'll find the one I like the most.

No soy Job said...

Tienes un blog fantástico!! Gracias también por visitar el mio. Le hablaré a Rosa Gascón de tí, seguro que le emocionará saber que te han gustado sus trabajos.