Friday, January 8, 2010

After long-long holidays...

Hi everyone!
Sorry for being away for such a long time. December was killing me - exam after exam, lots of studying, preparing for graduation work. Though this will be my second diploma things are still the same - hard work. This month I have to go through almost 20 books for the graduation work:(
Well, I won't be away anymore!:)
With my dollhouse I've managed only to finish the flooring and some of the walls painting on the second floor, and windowsills:

White room above should the bedroom, I'll paint the walls, just need to choose the ornament. Then I made the wallpapers for the living room, there it is:

The floor here is oak veneer. Also I need to make plinth for this room. It should be more European style than the others which would be more traditional looking. So the whole thing would be - 19th century, the beginning of it.:) That's how easily I switch centuries.:)
Tomorrow I'll show you some pics that inspired me to make it this way. Something more about Russian history. See you tomorrow!


Sans said...

Such progress! Can't wait to see more.

Victoria said...

I think I'll start with textile. Hm, we'll see