Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Folding screen for art nouveau roombox

Finished! I really love this screen, the roombox will look more art nouveau-ish with it:)  Again my favorite marquetry, this time I tried three colors.

To be honest, I just love the result, though I didn't like the wood I was using.:)

Moving on to rombox itself, and I should think what piece of furniture I need to make next.

I thought that there would be enough space for chaise lounge and a wardrobe,  but when I put the bed and the screen on the roombox floor I realised  - I can make only one or two small things, like nightstand and a table, for example. We'll see!:) I guess I'll make several pieces and then choose.


Puppenstubennostalgie said...

Sieht richtig toll aus... schön gemacht.

Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

Neomig said...

Dear Viktoria
It is great to see every new item you present and wish to learn from you!

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena, eres una maestra con la marqueteria.
El biombo es una marabilla!!!
besitos ascension

Lara said...

I love the screen you made. It is beautiful!

niknik said...

И в кого ты такая талантливая?))))

Mooghiscath said...

Bravo , j'adore le travail du bois .La maison que tu construis est originale .Je vais suivre la construction avec intérêt

The Old Maid said...

Just add more floor and everything will suit just fine ;) Great screen!

Glenda said...

It's so well done!! Beautiful!