Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

Today I'm busy with cooking for New Year celebration, hope it's going to be fine.
I'm showing  you my last shadowbox I made for this time of year. I actually made three shadowboxes, all of them show one part of the old house - the old porch, old kitchen aaand this one:

It's already behind the glass, so I can't show all the details, unfortunately. I used the chair I made several months ago. The idea with shadowboxes was using only one piece of furniture and create the scene with it. It was fun, and I think I'll continue making these "the old house" shadowboxes, they are not that big, just about 15cm*20cm, and 10cm deep as far as I remember:)

That's it! I hope to show you the rest of the shadowboxes in January, Happy New Year!:)


Elga said...
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Elga said...

Your Christmas shadowbox is really beautiful and I just love the tree. A happy 2011 to you too and may it be filled with mini's.

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful shadowbox! Hope to see the rest of them soon! :) Have a great New Year's party! And happy New Year!!:)

miniacollection said...

I love the atmospherre of your Christmas scene, it's very cosy.
Happy New Year!

Eva said...

Это первые блог на русском языке кукольные дом я вижу. я его люблю
Я испанскя но давно я изучал русский язык. прости мои ошибки
счастливого Роджества - Eva

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I love it, and I love the idea too. :) It's simple and cozy, and you can appreciate all the details, just perfect. I look forward to seeing the other ones next year. :) I wish you a Happy New Year,

Neomig said...

Dear vika
Thanks for sharing! Have a happy new year!

Belén. said...

I really like that scene, it's seems so cute :)
Wish you happiness for this new year :) Happy new year!
Kisses! ♥

Balaphoto said...


Happy MMXI!!

Frank, Barcelona

TINK-SONIA said...

Hi,so lovely roonbox.I adore your fornitures.I invite you to participate in my litlle giveaway,miniregards.

PAKY said...

Your roombox is so beautiful!
Thank you very much for your comment Victoria! hugs