Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Couple of new links - scroll saw basics.

My hobby is less than a year but I've learned so many things, bought so many things!:)  And I'm more than happy to share the things I learn with you. In my recent posts I received several comments about working with scroll saw. So I decided to share some links that helped me a lot, hope you'll find them useful.
First of all, and I think if you were looking for information about scroll saw basics you know this link already, but still:

Steve  Good has his own channel on Youtube, so check it too, I was watching a lot of these videos, it doesn't matter if they were about building shelves or puzzles - just watch them and  you'll get a lot of great tips. Besides, you can find Steve's blog  here -

And about blades ( @Texas Belle: That's what I meant in my comment, forgive my English, sometimes I forget the easiest words!:))  - good link - general information, but worth reading -

I can't recommend any books, I have some on the subject, but I'm lazy, I love pictures and videos much more;)


Sans said...

Great links and very helpful for someone like me! Thank you!!

Victoria said...

@Sans: I'm glad you liked it, maybe I should post some more links about tools and working with them then...We'll see!

Texas Belle said...

Thanks for these links; they are very helpful! I've done a bit of reading about scroll saw work, but for some reason never thought to look for videos. I don't know why - I do tend to learn a lot more from watching something being done than reading about it.

Your English is really excellent, by the way, certainly better than that of a lot of native speakers I know!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for stopping by and being a reader. Looks like you have a lot of interesting posts, and will be back to read more when have a little more time.

cockerina said...

Hello Victoria!
're doing a great job, thanks for sharing with us your knowledge and your experiences!
bye, Caterina

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Very cool! I love making something out of a chunk of wood. I have a hard time with miniature, as I don't have steady hands. I wish I did, though!

Rebecca of the R&W Gals

Reisl Today said...

What a beautiful dollhouse you are building! I have the urge recently to make some detail on a shelf that require scroll saw work but have been nervous to try. I was so excited to see the links you have posted! :)

Victoria said...

@Reisl_Today:When I start new details on my dollhouse, I Always get nervous, always think I won't make it, but step after step and here we go, just a little practice, that's why I love it. Glad you liked the links!

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