Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quick update

      I haven't posted anything for a week - my hubby and I caught a flu, not N1H1 fortunately, so I couldn't do anything but staying in bed. Sadly,I didn't finish windows. Just the table (sorry for the pictures):

      The legs are made of pinewood, the rest is oak. My husband was helping me, he became interested in miniature more lately. So we started from the simple things. The only problem was to fix the legs - somehow it's almost impossible to find four-sided glue jig in Moscow! Maybe we are looking at the wrong stores.
     So, we thought of another way to glue the legs and stringers (do I use the right term?).  Tricky trick:
     We glued both sides of the legs to the pattern, so it would be perfect right angle. Then you glue the stringers and take off the paper on the upper side. I was surprised but it worked.
     The second update - I changed the layout of the blog, so if something not working, drop me a line. I'm quite happy with the new look of my blog, I used the picture from the old album "Motifs de'l architecture  russo".
      Besides, I have my first tutorial published on the Russian site dedicated to dolls and dollhouse miniatures. I was offered to make the article about mini lathe so I was happy to share some experience. Especially, when this kind of hobby - miniatures - is not popular in Russia, and it's considered more like hobby for kids.
So here it is (Warning it's all in Russian:)). I hope to write something else to find more people, passionate about miniatures.

   Прошу прощения, что не писала целую неделю. Все семейство заболело гриппом, потому все эти дни я провела в постели, с трудом выбираясь иногда на улицу. Потому окна еще не закончены, только сделали стол. 
   Ножки стола сделали из сосны, остальное дуб.  В общем, начали с простого, постепенно будем усложнять задачу:) 
   Из других новостей - я поменяла оформление блога и очень им довольна. Если что не работает - пишите. 
    Что еще, да, давно надо было выложить ссылку на мой небольшой урок по миниатюрным токарным станкам, вернее, по основам работы с ними. В общем, статья тут . Буду рада написать еще статью,  надеюсь, что людей, увлекающихся миниатюрой станет больше.  Вообще, давно подумываю о том, что надо бы на русском блог вести тоже. В общем, идей много.


Lize said...

Glad you could come up with such a clever plan as your table turned out great! It is also good to have the help from your husband.

Victoria said...

@Lize: Thank you, Lize!
But to make furniture without problems in the future, I need to make my own glue jig.

Carmen said...

Victoria me encanta el cambio de look del blog. La mesa tambien la veo genial, el eterno problema de las patas colocadas bien, veo que resolvio el problema, ahora tengo que hacer yo una y le estoy dando vueltas al tema. Me alegro que se recuperaran de la gripe. Enhorabuena por publicar su articulo en la revista. Un saludo, Carmen

George the Miniguy said...

Yes, you used the right term "stringers." Thank you for following my blog! I now have 99 people following it.

jose said...

у тебя остался очень хорошо mesita хорошая работа ты идешь

Victoria said...

@Jose: Спасибо!:)

Sans said...

Victoria, I know what you mean about fixing the legs of a table. I did a little stool once (from tooth picks)for a spinning wheel and the gluing took me forever. Nowhere near as perfect as yours. I made 4 of them altogether and at least 2 are wobbly, lol.

Victoria said...

@Sans: it's just a matter of practice, I think. My first minis I made - I don't wanna show them:) were close to horrible.