Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preps for Victory Day

Every year in April, when I look out of the window  I see this picture:

As far as I know this is Topol-M, (a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)), no tanks yet, but they will be here pretty soon, I guess. Then in the morning the soldiers arrive. And you can hear the sounds of the orchestra and some military songs. 
All this means that the preparation for the Victory Day parade is in its final stage. You can see it every year now on the Red Square, 9th of May. Every year I make the video of all these tanks going from this place to the Red Square, all the traffic is stopped at that moment. Pretty scary feeling - I remember the August of 1991, and then 1993. Hope I'll be watching all this only during the Parade preparation. 

But the moon was beautiful tonight.


Pandora said...

I like the last one - very atmospheric.

Cynthia's Minilife said...

Victoria, I am with you in hoping such sights will in our future be always only for show - in any part of this world. Your pictures are great and the moon makes a beautiful light.

Margaret said...

We have just celebrated our remembrance day in Australia, Anzac Day commemorates a significant day of WW1, and I always feel sad seeing the old soldiers march, fewer every year, and thinking about the terrible waste of lives in wars. Hope our future brings peace too.

synnøve said...

Thank you for sharing Victoria!!! I think most people all over the world share Cynthias thoughts about this:

Such sights will in our future be always only for show - in any part of this world.

But how nice of you to give us a view from your window and your world.... so different from mine.... but we are all under the same sky, seeing the same moon... nice to think about :D
Synnøve x