Monday, May 3, 2010

Another table:)

I think I need to change the title of the blog, because now I'm not the one among my family members who makes miniatures :) Any ideas?:) Now I should write "we", not "I" made.
My hubby, Denis,  decided to make one more table, he was inspired by some modern design tables, made few changes and here it is:

The first attempt was actually kinda cool, the wood that was used is called purpleheart (Amaranth), it has the color of aubergine, which  my Canon camera couldn't show properly. It's actually very hard wood to work with, hard to cut and polish. So the table turned out to be perfect, but the finishing to our point of view was a bit wrong.

We were disappointed but I thought that the table is more than interesting to give it a second try.
This time the wood that was used was kaya (hm, wikipedia says it's a rare type of wood in Japan, and very expensive, don't know, it was expensive but we had no idea about it - maybe it was kiaat tree) (later on it turned out to be Khaya, some kind of a Mahogany). The picture below shows the pieces made out of it:

It's very easy to work with, and its texture is very interesting, the look of it reminds you the cork, easy to sand, not as soft though.

This time the result was great:

 Now we need to make the glass top and the table is ready.


Merry Jingle said...

It looks wonderful, you both are so talented with woodworking, it's amazing :) You should start selling your minies :)


Victoria said...

Thank you, Ira! Cheers from Denis:) He's very happy about good reviews of his work:) We're thinking of selling minis actually, just don't know what exactly we can sell.

The Old Maid said...

Oh this is cool! You both are very talented people! Congrats! That would be good idea to sell the things you both make!

Pandora said...

What a success the table is and will look perfect with a glass top.

Cynthia's Minilife said...

This is lovely! I think you and Denis may have a future in furniture design business (mini or regular size) if you want it. Great job!

synnøve said...

How about "Two little boxes"....?
Fantastic furniture.. you are both very talented!!!!
Maybe sell trough Etsy?
Synnøve :)

Victoria said...

@The Old Maid: Thank you! :)

Victoria said...

@Pandora: Thank you! I hope so. Just need to buy glass for it.

Victoria said...

@Cynthia: Thank you so much! Maybe we should try selling minis, should think about it, certainly.

Victoria said...

@synnøve: Thank you so much! Two little boxes - hehe, Denis suggested something like Big Boxes yesterday:) With Etsy this could be the problem, cause we cannot accept Paypal.

Dolls from the Attic said...

What an interesting table! how wonderful you two can share this art!
Its too bad you weren't pleased with the first table, I thought it beautiful as well, but if the wood is so hard to work with si best tofind one more suitable. and the color "Aubergine"...what a beautiful word!

neomig said...

Merry Jingle spoke for me too!
Best Regards

Victoria said...

Thank you for your kind comments! We'll post new furniture photos pretty soon!